Sharpening Up

We are well into mission and point balancing. Big games with our play-tester group on the weekend.

Here are some of shots of a game Andrew and I played today from mission one. The mission has a lot of movement in it. I tried out two Lion class and was not disappointed by the build. Big guns and speed but with a good points discount because they have very light armour protection. He went for a major torpedo run. Both lists went well resulting in a slim win to Andrew.

Plotting Broadside’s Course

We have lots of ideas for the future of Broadside: Empires of Steel. Unfortunately we can’t do all of them at once.

That’s where you come in.

To help us determine what we should work on first, we have created a survey that is open to backers and to everyone else who is interested in the future of our game.

Please fill it out here.

Broadside: Empires of Steel on Kickstarter

Broadside: Empires of Steel went live on Kickstarter in September, 2020 and was fully funded in 4 days. We will be delivering the game to our backers in early December.

As promised on Kickstarter, we will also putting out a survey regarding what directions our backers would like to see the game take in the future.

If you would like to try out one of our STLs for free, check out HMS Queen Mary on Thingiverse right now at

You can also check out our videos at our Facebook page.