The Survey Results Are In

Two weeks ago we asked you to help plot the future course of Broadside: Empires of Steel. I am pleased to report that we received over 100 responses.

Ben and I have taken a good look at them, and have decided on some tentative future priorities. 

It is clear from the results that everyone wants more ships, both from the nations we are already covering and from other nations’ navies. This is not exactly an unexpected result, and I already have a number of STL designs for more ships that are in the prototype stage, though most require a few more passes to get to an acceptable state.

People were a bit more divided about exactly which direction to go with in terms of rules. Still, it’s clear that quite a few people are interested in seeing a few of the “special” ships from this period on the table too, which is always a fun proposition from my point of view as the STL designer.

So, once again, thank you all for your input. We are taking it on board, though obviously our priority right now is finishing up everything from the Kickstarter so that we can send it out to you.

Plotting our course is fortunately somewhat easier than getting through this mess.

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