Errata – January 2021

The New Year is here, and with it comes a new Errata for Broadsides. Not a great deal has changed on the game front from our last errata. 

As those who follow us on Facebook will have seen, there is a mistake in the Mission Book. The Silhouette rule was changed shortly before release thanks to feedback from play testing. Unfortunately, whilst we did correctly update the rule itself we missed updating the example.

In addition to the game errata, there have been some fairly minor updates made to the ship STLs. I have uploaded these changes to Google Drive, replacing the old files. You can download these at the link you received in your Kickstarter email.

Firstly, the STLs of HMS King George V have been updated to include a missing turret peg.

Secondly, in response to a number of requests, I have added STLs of ships with their turrets in place. I really can’t guarantee how well the barrels will print without supports, but it seems to be something that a lot of people want to try.

Edit: Naturally, the day after we published this update, a couple more errors came to light – specifically some missing ship cards. Here is the updated errata document, along with a card for USS Cornwall as was requested by the person who spotted these errors:

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