Three Crowns Errata

Three Crowns has now been released, and what would a new release be without Errata?

(It helps to tell myself these things.)

Some mistakes have come to light in our Three Crowns release to do with cards and templates. I will update the files on Google Drive with the fixed versions of the files but, in the meantime, you can also download the updated files here.

(Some of these errors may be down to the fact that I discovered a need for reading glasses during the development of Three Crowns. I still have a bad habit of forgetting to wear them. Squinting only does so much.)

Firstly, our apologies to fans of the Pittsburgh class. Not only did we miss appending the page of Sea Zone Templates for these ships, but we also misspelled Pittsburgh. This has now been remedied.

The ship cards for the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy managed to feature an exciting new stat called “Hull Integirty”. This has now been fixed as well.