KS3: What we are adding to BSeos

It’s finally time to finish off that rule book!

When Andrew and I sat down to create Broadside, we had imagined combat going above and below the waves. We wanted to play a game filled with the full spectrum the era had to offer. The problem was, we needed players to understand our core business first before we filled the table with everything else.

So for the first year plus of BSeos you have had ships and core rules to read, paint and print. Here is what to expect in the new pages:

Six new missions. We will split the mission book into two halves with two separate tables. If you are looking for a fleet action: roll on the Fleet Engagement table. This will have six missions for your and your opponents’ fleets to duke it out. These missions will have some small rules like reserves and weather but otherwise it’s about the guns.

If it’s a more narrative experience you are looking for, we have a second table for you. The Scenario Missions table will has six missions like the ‘Escort’ mission. These missions have a deeper strategy and more components. You have the SS.Objective ship, well now you’ll have islands, carriers, aircraft, submarines and forts.

Fort damage deck. Yes the fort can’t sink so it needs it’s own damage deck. This will sit on the forts own management card. We can’t call it a ‘ship card’ now can we?

Upgrade cards. An aspect of a miniatures game that can be a real fun changer. We have played many a game where the upgrade cards need their own folder and a data base to manage. Don’t worry we’re trying to keep the prep down and game time to 2.5 hours. Players will have the option at the table to chose one or two upgrade cards only. This occurs only if your opponent has more points than you. So you two decide your going to play a 600 point game. If the difference in points between your two list is 1-5 points, the player with the lower point fleet can choose a ‘1-5 point’ upgrade card to add to his fleet. If the difference in points between your two list is 6-10 points, the player with the lower point fleet can choose two ‘1-5 point’ upgrade cards or one ‘6-10 point’ card to add to his fleet. That is it.

What is on these upgrade cards? You already know one of the ‘1-5 point’ upgrades: Choose to be the attacker or the defender in this game. Here are some of the new ones: Give one of your ships better discipline. Give one of your ships fighter aircraft launchers on its’ turrets. When you roll a reserve ship to arrive on table, choose a different ship to arrive from reserve instead. Here is an example of a ‘6-10 point’ ship upgrade card: Only remove one Aiming Token from your target when you turn more than 15 degrees during an activation.

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