Mikasa restoration progress, from our man in Japan!

Phil has kindly taken time out of his Japaneses holiday to tour Mikasa for us. As our Liberte’ backers will know Mikasa is coming very soon to BS:EoS.

Hope you enjoy this excellent visual tour of this classic and history making pre-dred. Thanks Phil!

Here is her wiki entry. Don’t forget that she spent a great deal of time on the bottom of the harbour so her paint and deck colours are not original.

So she appears ‘Battleship Grey’ on a overcast rainy day. But here in the wiki photo below she is almost white in the bright sun!

For those of us that have stood on HMS Victory, this gun deck will look very familiar!

A good reminder here about deck colours. There are so many different shades of brown just in this one photo. Remember the crew would have holy-stoned this deck when she was in service, so it would have been different again!

Too nice a carpet to drop hot shell cases on to, no?

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  1. I did a 1/700 diorama of HIKAWA MARU passing MIKASA. About 5 years ago. Nice way to bring 60 years of plastic modeling to an end. How far apart are these 2 very lucky museum ships moored?

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