Kickstarter 8 launch date!

Thanks for all of your emails, posts and questions about Der Tag. Some of the wait is over! Be ready with your clicky mouse to back the new ship packs on APRIL 30th! Please remember that is Sydney time.

Here are some details for you based on your questions:

This is the last Kickstarter for BS:EoS. We will be adding all the ships the game needs in Der Tag. Lucky number 8 is a good place to stop. Any KS to follow would not provide ships worth putting on table or have a very similar or identical ship already in the game.

That also means that this is the last time players will be able to purchase the BS:EoS in digital format. If you have a mate wanting to jump in to the game or you were waiting for a good time to grab everything this is the day!

Having said that Andrew, Ben and the team are just getting started! This is only the beginning for Broadside. We wanted to be THE dreadnought era game. To achieve this we had to make a lot of ships! We have all nine nations and will have 200 warship classes after Der Tag. After this KS our next job will be to put Broadside on the shelves of your local retailer.

What does Der Tag mean? Literally in German it means ‘The Day’. Historically speaking the German sailors would use it as a sort of motto that meant ‘the day Germany would have it’s Trafalgar or Tsushima’. Germany needed this decisive battle to even the odds at sea and make the Kaiser believe the KM was worth funding despite the troubles on land.

The German strategy to achieve this was well thought out. They were to use the battlecruisers to attack the English coast and prompt a RN reaction. This reaction force would not be a prepared or organized fleet but a collection of ships that were in the area and responded piecemeal to the KM attack. Once the piecemeal force gave chase to the battlecrusiers the High Seas fleet would sail out to meet the battlecruisers and together they would destroy this ad hoc RN response force. This would be the day they didn’t have to run from the far greater numbers of the Grand Fleet. The day they would risk their whole fleet in a great single action.

Additionally we note in the rule book that Broadside as a game is ‘Der Tag’ combat. Every game of Broadside, is a great and deadly battle. Der Tag is also Broadsides ‘last day’ on kickstarter.

What is in the Kick starter? Der Tag will fill the much needed gaps in each navy’s fleet options. If you have found yourself wishing for a particular high speed destroyer option or an M sized armoured cruiser you will find it in Der Tag.

But first here is the last dreadnought:

St Vincent Class

That’s right, after Der Tag, you will have every dreadnought! As you can see Andrew has chosen this version of St Vincent as it is most distinctive. Statistically she is not so far from her predecessor Bellerophon but you will be easily able to tell them apart on table.

One thing that has surprised us is how much Broadsiders love the old girls of the sea. We hear you! After ‘Der Tag’ every nation will have at least two classes of pre-dreadnought. This is not counting pre-dreads that sit in the coastal defense slot or simi-dreadnought category. Here is one for the US Navy:


Mississippi has so much detail for you to paint in. We can’t wait to see her fighting along side Connecticut at pre-dreadnought only tournaments!

We hope that we have given you enough to go on with for now. Look out for more spoilers to come after Easter. If you have a favorite ship class that we don’t have, please give us your wish list in a response below!

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