“Sea fighting is pure common sense. The first of all its necessities is SPEED, so as to be able to fight – When you like, Where you like, and How you like.” – John Fisher

Broadside: Empires of Steel is a miniatures game that simulates the battles fought between the major belligerent nations during the First World War. Players move and fire with their ships using simple and easy to pick up rules that create fast, dramatic games that don’t take longer than real battles to play.

Players choose a nationality, then build their own fleets from those ships historically available to it. The fleet lists that we provide cover every ship option available during the Great War, and how you can combine them into squadrons for use on the tabletop.

Games are of limited length to ensure nothing ever gets dull and players must act or lose their chance at victory. Each game is also mission based – this way games have meaning, rather than being simply fights to the bitter end.

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