An Introduction to Broadside

Broadside Empires Of Steel is a 1/1500 scale table top miniatures game set in the era of the Great War Dreadnought.

You and your opponent will each choose between seven and twelve warships from a dreadnought era empire to command. At the present time there are Seven nations to choose from.

The rule book

A game of Broadside takes place on a 6 x 4 foot table. Players choose a mission to play from the Broadside mission book. The mission outlines how the fleets will meet and under what conditions the battle will take place.

Each of your ships has a corresponding ship management card. At a glance you can see how fast your ship is going, how much damage it has taken and what weapons it has.

Ship Card

Each turn you will give your ships orders to enhance each ships actions for the turn. Whether the order will focus it’s gunnery or take evasive action, your ship will perform better with orders.

Each ship has a corresponding points value listed on its ship management card. Both players agree on a points total for both of their fleets. The standard fleet sizes are 400, 600 and 800. A game goes for six turns. The player who has sunk or critically damaged the most points worth of enemy ships by this time is the winner.

Players can build their fleets in two different ways. Using a fleet book, that gives players access to historical squadrons by year or using a simple card building method. This method is for players who want to construct their own ‘what if’ fleets without historical limitations.

Should one player not be able to reach the point total exactly, they are able to choose an upgrade card to balance out their points.