Create a fleet, save your lists, view the nations ship cards & purchase ships.

Click on the image below to get to the Fleet Builder:

What the interface looks like.

Create a fleet.

The Fleet builder helps you to create tournament legal fleets in 400, 600 and 800 points. Start by choosing your flagship. The add to your battle squadron with additional ships of the same type as your flagship. Next add in screening squadrons. Then add in support craft. Remember you must have more ships in your screening squadrons than in you battle squadrons. So if you have two armoured cruisers in your battle squadron then you must have at least three light cruisers.

Save your fleet lists.

Create an account to save your fleet lists. Your fleet list can then be accessed by you at a later date by clicking on your user name and choosing the ‘Lists and Purchase orders’ link. Your lists will be sorted by nation.We recommend saving your lists by their point totals then the name you have for the list. Here are a few examples: ‘400 points -Big battleship + Destroyers’ ‘600 points -Battlecruisers Jutland’ OR ‘400 points -Armoured cruisers Falkland Islands.’

Purchase the ships in your list.

Bring up a fleet you have made and hit the button under the list called ‘Purchase Ships’ to buy the ships in it. The ships total cost will be displayed along with the ships that you wish to purchase by name.
Once you have added your postal address and made you payment your order will appear in your ‘Lists and Purchase Order’ page under your saved lists.

We will then get to work manufacturing your ships and posting them to you.

Shipyards link: